Compressed air technology

Project planning of complete compressed air systems for industry and trade

In the field of compressed air technology, the idm Industrie & Drucklufttechnik Magdeburg GmbH plans complete compressed air systems for industry and commerce in cooperation with a long-standing partner company from Magdeburg. Their services cover the planning, project planning, installation, pipeline construction and commissioning of your compressor station. We also take over the maintenance and repair of your compressor station.

The power range of the supported compressors is between 1.1 and 250 kW:

  • Project planning
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Sales
  • Pipeline construction
  • Plant engineering
  • Screw compressors
  • Rotary compressor
  • Piston compressor
  • Tumble dryer
  • Filters
  • Oil/water separator
  • Accessories